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We are a car club that is making nonalcoholic craft beer that tastes like the real thing without the alcohol.


Fred grew up with Detriot iron in his dad's garage and now owns a Belvedere, '33 Ford and a Satellite. Beer type: Nonalcoholic.


Roger grew up wrenching with his dad in his garage and now is a collector and trader of vintage and classic cars. Beer preference: real beer.

Havonna has a love for all things vintage and has a beautiful '66 Ford F-100. Beer type: Doesn't like the way beer tastes.

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Jennifer grew up with a wrenching father (see OG page) and wanted a car that she could work on herself, a '63 Ford Ranchero. Beer type: Also, doesn't like the way beer tastes.

It all started July 31,2022, when four lifelong friends hopped into their classic cars and headed to a local car show in San Dimas, California.


While at the show, an attendee chatted up the friends and mentioned he was purchasing a brewery and would any of the friends be interested in partnering on this endeavor.  Although this was the first time meeting this individual, it didn't stop the group of friends from really digging in and discussing the possibilities around the idea.  Then, with the help of God, one of the friends in the group really got the ball rolling and the idea became a plan.

Now that God had led the team to create a plan, the search was on for the perfect name.  What would we call it?  Why not the name of our car club? (that's a whole other story of inception).  From this beautiful love of classic cars came the name for our beer, VINTAGE RUMBLERS!

We envision a tap room with a classic hot rod theme with both regular and nonalcoholic beers, our cars parked in the tap room replicating a mini car show, a glass-enclosed working garage for RUMBLERS to work on their cars and an array of art for future RUMBLERS to enjoy their beer.  By the way, the four beers we are starting with are named after our cars!  More to come...

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